Fr. Pat O’Neil is our School Chaplain. To support Fr Pat we have our chaplaincy team to look after the pastoral needs of the school community.

At Christ the King we believe our chaplains have a very special calling to guide us in faith and to enable us to encounter God daily in all that we do and see.

We have a dedicated team of children from Year 3 up to Year 6. The children in our chaplaincy team were elected to represent their class, bringing to meetings their own views and the views of their peers.

In the School Chaplaincy Guidelines produced by the Diocese of Middlesbrough, Bishop Terence Patrick refers to Catholic schools as β€˜Beacons of Hope’ where the Gospel can be lived out.Β  Through our Chaplaincy work we encourage our children to be beacons of hope for those around us. This can take many forms, including: our prayers for those less fortunate than ourselves and those who strive to make life better for them, the practical things we can do by giving to charities and the links we can build and strengthen between our homes, schools and parish.

Our Chaplaincy team strive to enhance the collective worship and Catholic Life of the school. They do so by taking a leading role in planning and preparing liturgies and celebrations which celebrate the Liturgical Year. Our chaplains take care of our sacred spaces around school and ensuring all classes follow our liturgical seasons including sharing ideas to keep these current. As a team we always try to ensure prayer and worship within the school is delivered in a variety of child friendly ways including action prayers, liturgical dances, outdoor worships, worships thorough craft and many more.

Our passionate a dedicated chaplains worked together to create their own charter. They created clear aims and a mission which has been shared with the whole school. See below for a copy of our chaplains class charter and our wonderful team.