What is a Forest School?

A Forest School is an innovative educational approach to outdoor play and learning which encourages and inspires individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences. At Christ the King Catholic Primary School, we are very lucky to have our own impressive forest school area.


Through practical hands-on activities, our children will develop skills within the forest that cannot necessarily be taught in the classroom, such as managing risks and developing physical skills. We will give children the opportunities to follow their own interests, learn new skills, work well as part of a group and appreciate the beauty of the world around them.

This holistic approach encourages children’s imagination and gives them the confidence to β€˜have a go’ through exploration and discovery.Β We are very lucky to have our own area of natural woodland. It is a peaceful and magical place, made even more special with its own outdoor classroom, den building area and scientific investigation / mud kitchen.

What are the benefits?

  • Self-confidence: Evidence shows that long term forest school programmes had a positive impact on children’s resilience, confidence and well-being.
  • Social development: Working together encourages communication and develops skilful expression of thoughts and ideas, as well as the ability to listen to others.
  • Assess risk: Children are able to predict what could pose a risk and take steps to lessen that risk.
  • Health: Being active outside promotes health and fitness.
  • Respect for nature: By learning more about the natural environment, children will be more able to care for

What sort of activities do the children do?

Activities are very varied and are linked to the curriculum. Here are a few examples:

  • Scientific studies linked to the seasons, animals, plants etc
  • Working together to build shelters using tarpaulins and rope
  • Story telling
  • Map making
  • Mathematical skills such as making 3D shapes and measuring
  • Forest Art


We aim to be outside in all weathers, with the exception of very high winds and thunderstorms. Extremely cold weather might result in a shorter session but we would still expect to go out.

Your teacher will let you know when your child’s class is planning to go out.

Please can they bring the following clothing:

  • waterproof boots / wellies
  • waterproof, warm coat
  • hat / scarf / gloves

First Aid

Even though we are very close to the school building, there will always be a first aid kit in the forest. A trained first aider will be in the forest and staff will bring inhalers and any other medication which may be needed.