Cheryl Havelock – Parent Governor –Β Link Governor for Behaviour, Attitudes & Personal Development

Cheryl has been a Parent Governor at Christ the King Catholic Primary School for just over two years. She lives and works locally and is able to bring to the role her first-hand knowledge and experience of the area and the community. Cheryl enjoys a career in Healthy Years’ Service and has a good understanding of how social environment and different parental style can impact a child’s life and their education. Her professional experience and skills will be particularly poignant in her Link Governor role as she works with the school to evaluate and challenge on how they deal with children’s mental well-being the impact this has on performance at school. Cheryl’s own children attend the school.

Cheryl says, β€œthe governance role will give me a good insight into the running of the school.”

In her spare time, Cheryl enjoys reading and exercise.

Helen Lickess – Headteacher

Helen is the Head of School at Christ the King Catholic Primary and is extremely proud to be part of the school family. Both her and the leadership team have high expectations of all pupils both academically and in terms of behaviour. Helen’s aim is to inspire and motivate the children to maximise their potential. Helen and her staff encourage their pupils to think critically and to develop a growth mindset so that they view the challenges they face as opportunities to learn.

In her spare time, Helen enjoys baking.

James Newman – Foundation Governor & Chair –Β Link Governor for Quality of Education and Safeguarding

James has been part of the Governing Body at Christ the King for over ten years now and is the current Chair. He brings knowledge and experience of school leadership having been a Headteacher himself previously, and understands what challenges are faced by the school leaders. Born and bred in Thornaby, James attended Christ the King Primary himself and still appreciates the warm welcoming feeling from the staff that he remembers in his own education from his time there. He knows that the school has a genuine care for their pupils and their families and he knows that the breadth and depth of the curriculum offered by the school is a clear indicator of the school’s ethos. James still works in the wider community of Tees Valley and although he is no longer based in the Parish, he still has regular contact with many of the members.

James says, β€œI was asked to join the Governing Body on a temporary basis, but nine years later I am still involved.Β  I hope that my experience in education can, even in a small way, contribute to helping the school develop.Β  The future vision of the school is clearly set by the school leadership team and I fully support it.Β  As is probably the case with many Governors, I have every confidence that the Governing Body as a whole provides the right level of support and challenge.”

In his spare time, James is an avid supporter of Middlesbrough F.C, having held a season ticket for over twenty-five years.

John Lowe – Foundation Governor –Β Link Governor for P.E & Sports Premium and Pupil Premium

John has been part of the Governing Body for a number of years and was initially approached by a friend, who was also a Governor. John happily agreed as he thought it was a great way to give a little something back to the brilliant school he had such fond memories of attending as a child.

John is the natural choice for his Link Governor role in PE and Sports Premium because he firmly believes that sport provides opportunities for children to develop self-confidence, teamwork and a host of other life skills, as well as the obvious health benefits.Β  He hopes that through having an enjoyable educational experience at Christ the King, children will continue to maintain active and healthy lifestyles long after they have left school.

John says, β€œI am Thornaby born and bred, and spent the first eighteen years of my life living there.Β  Although I now live in Middlesbrough, a lot of my family still live within Christ the King parish boundaries.Β  I spent six happy years as a pupil at Christ the King and one particular memory I have is of borrowing a book on computer programming from my Year 5 teacher, Mr Kenny.Β  It sparked an interest in computers, coding and all things tech that continues to this day.Β  As digital skills become increasingly vital for our childrens’ future prospects, it would be great if any of my skills and experience prove useful to the work of the Governing Body. I would like the school to continue to provide a happy and supportive environment in which each and every one of their pupils can achieve their full potential.”

This β€˜spark’ has led John to spend twenty-five years working in Software Engineering and I.T, initially in the Aerospace Industry and latterly in Higher Education at Teesside University.

In his spare time, John enjoys the great outdoors, particularly hill walking with his wife and is a season ticket holder at Middlesbrough F.C.

Julie Wilson – Parent Governor –Β Link Governor for Pupil Premium and SEN Provision

Julie has been a Parent Governor for over two years at Christ the King. Previously a teaching assistant in another Catholic school, Julie understands the school environment and is able to bring this to her Link Governor role for SEN Provision. As a former pupil at the school, Julie has many fond memories. Her children have followed in her footsteps and her eldest has just left the school with many fond and happy memories also. Julie was born and bred in Thornaby and attends the parish of Christ the King.Β  She has strong family connections within the local area and the wider community and understands the needs of the school. Julie wishes to continue to support the school through her role as Governor and wants to help the school in its effort to continue to support and nurture the young people of the community and their families.

Julie says, β€œI remember always feeling safe and happy at school, and became a Governor as I wanted to give a little back to the community that created treasured memories for me and to help support the school in creating those experiences for future generations.”

In her spare time, Julie enjoys spending time with her family, baking and socialising with friends.

Mark Ryan – Ex officio Executive Headteacher

Mark is the Executive Headteacher of St Patrick’s Catholic Primary and Christ the King Catholic Primary.Β  He has worked as a teacher and senior leader in schools in the Thornaby area for twenty-five years. A Diocesan Inspector for Religious Education for Middlesbrough Diocese, he is also Catholic Standards Officer for Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust, working across all of the schools.

Mark says, β€œI am very proud to be the Executive Headteacher at St. Patrick’s Primary school and Christ the King.Β  I am fortunate enough to be a parent within the community too and all four of my children attended St. Patrick’s, where they were a given a first-class education and a fantastic start to life. They all have different talents and are now pursuing their own careers, as a result of the well-rounded education they received at St. Patrick’s.

I will strive to ensure that the children in our care receive an education that will prepare them to have successful futures in an ever-changing world. My experience has developed throughoutΒ my career and I have also been a Governor for over twenty-fiveΒ years both at St Patrick’s college and St Patrick’s Primary.

This is a wonderful community and I will work hard to make sure that the children become positive role models in the communities they serve.”

Samantha Forsyth – Foundation Governor –Β Link Governor for Personal Development

Stephanie Sherrington – Staff Governor

Margaret Rees – Foundation Governor –Β Link Governor for Catholic Standards