For RE we follow the β€˜Come and See’ Catholic Primary Religious Education Programme. This is a special programme which allows the children to learn about the Catholic faith and to know Jesus more. Throughout the year, we also look at other faiths.

This is an extensive programme which covers a range of challenging themes from EYFS up to Year 6. Each theme is divided up into the following sections:

  • Explore
  • Reveal
  • Respond
  • At the end of each theme, the children reflect on what they have learnt through class liturgies.



We interviewed Mrs Shaw about her vocation as a parent

During the Explore, each class will begin to look at and focus on a particular theme which links to their ‘Big Question’ and will draw on the experience within their own lives – concerning themselves, their relationships and their world. In this way, the children are led to a deeper understanding, clearer vision and the discovery of significance and value of the experiential events of every day life. This will involved:
– Exploring experiences through story, music, drama, dance, art, etc.
– Investigation
– Story telling
– Consideration of the big questions
– Discussion
– Becoming aware of the questions raised
– Reflecting on the significance of these experiences.


Reveal is the heart of the process. The teacher and the children discover together the Christian understanding of the mystery of the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They explore the mystery of human life as revealed in the person. life and gospel of Jesus Christ Christians. It will involve learning about Scripture, the teaching of the Church, prayers, rites, psalms, hymns and other expressions of Christian faith and the lives of outstanding Christians.

Art work linking to Titus 3:12-8

The process of delivery will involve:

– meeting new knowledge of religious education;
– developing an understanding of this new knowledge;
– reflecting on the wonder of the mystery;
– gathering information and collecting facts connected with this knowledge;
– researching, collating and classifying;
– becoming aware of the questions raised;

Drama linking to Matthew 5:1-12 The Beatitudes

– exploring experiences in creative and practical ways through drama, writing, story, music, dance, art, ICT and service of others;
– exploring what leads to understanding and meaning;
– asking questions and discussion;
– making links between Christian understanding and the shared life experience;
– valuing life experience;
– acknowledging and respecting differences;
– being open to new perspectives.


Children respond by remembering and celebrating all that they have learnt: this new understanding will enable them to make a personal response in their daily lives. We look at and think about all the work we have covered during the reveal and share our thoughts and feelings.

There is then an opportunity for children to plan and take part in a celebration by creating a Collective Worship linked the to theme they have been learning about. Children discuss and plan how they would like to gather, the Word they will listen to, how they will respond to the Word and then the message they will take into their daily lives as a mission.

Documents to download:-

Big Questions
RE Curriculum Overview