Our latest Section 48 rating is OUTSTANDING

In July 2022, an inspection was carried out under Section 48 of the Education Act 2005.
The report of the inspection is produced for the Bishop of Middlesbrough (Code of Canon Law 804 and 806) and for the governors of the school. The inspection reviews, evaluates and plans further improvements in the school’s witness to the Catholic faith and Curriculum Religious Education. This process begins with the school’s own self-evaluation. The inspection schedule follows criteria set by the National Board of Advisers and Inspectors.

Here are some quotes from our latest report:

Christ the King is a warm and vibrant Catholic community where the school’s mission statement ‘Christ be our light and our guide’ leads the staff and pupils in all that they do.

The schools highly experienced senior leadership team (SLT) work diligently to provide the very best Catholic education for all pupils in their care. Their drive and commitment towards Catholic education is commendable.

Pupils highly value the religious education that they receive. Teachers expertly scaffold and support pupil’s learning to ensure that they achieve the very best standards. Teachers have created a community of theologians.

The Catholic Life of the school is extremely well developed. Staff have expertly managed this area of school life and given pupils ownership and responsibility for its development. Pupils recognise and highly value this opportunity to shape and drive Catholic Life of their school.

The school has good links with the parish and local community.

Pupils are ambassadors of their faith and advocates for the environment. They support a range of local and international charities and are keen to enact the Pope’s environmental encyclical Laudato Si.

The school’s provision for Collective Worship is outstanding. Recent staff development and
training in this area has positively impacted the staff’s ability to provide pupils with the opportunity to lead both traditional and contemporary forms of Collective Worship.

Our full report can be downloaded below: