Our latest Section 48 rating is OUTSTANDING

in May 2017, an inspection was carried out under Section 48 of the Education Act 2005.
The report of the inspection is produced for the Bishop of Middlesbrough (Code of Canon Law 804 and 806) and for the governors of the school. The inspection reviews, evaluates and plans further improvements in the school’s witness to the Catholic faith and Curriculum Religious Education. This process begins with the school’s own self-evaluation. The inspection schedule follows criteria set by the National Board of Advisers and Inspectors.
Their main findings were:

“The Catholic Life of the school is outstanding, with its mission statement, “Christ be our guide and our light” at the centre and many opportunities for all to develop, individually and collectively, their understanding of the Faith and a positive sense of vocation.”

“Outcomes for pupils are outstanding. Pupils enjoy and understand the value of RE demonstrating passion and commitment in their learning. Behaviour in lessons is exemplary with pupils concentrating well and displaying very positive attitudes to their learning. Standards of engagement, progress and attainment for all pupils within years and across key stages are good in RE.”

“The provision for the Catholic Life is outstanding. The provision of RE is secure and focused. Teachers have high expectations; they plan interesting and imaginative lessons and use a good range of high quality resources. Prayer life is a strong feature of the school. It engages all pupils to participate, pray and reflect, which they do with reverence and enthusiasm. It supports and enriches the faith life of the school community.”

“Leadership and management of the school is good. Leaders have a clear sense of direction and purpose, the vision is shared by committed staff. Leaders carry out regular monitoring and analysis of teaching and learning, ensuring impact towards school improvement.”

“The Trust Board’s plans for succession should secure the capacity to improve and ensure strong governance, affording many benefits at whole-school, subject-specific and individual levels.”

Our full report can be downloaded below: